Alternative Lifestyles, Alternative Places and Alternative Fashions

Now, the question is, you teleport into a place like this:

What are you going to wear?

My advice is a quite a common, but very well liked Goth leather outfit called Jaguar designed by AVid, but the quality of work is excellent and detail is great, and certainly puts me in my Goth mindset. (Tombstone not included, and yes people…its the 10 of September, 2010 and I am still alive.)

The leather work on this outfit is astounding, and I love the detail with the buckles on the shirt and the jacket that is unzipped.

I am always on the lookout for places that have great builds, even if they are prefabs. It’s a great way to figure out where and what I want to shoot and post next here, and it’s a really nice way to meet new people and make new friends in Second Life.

One of the great things about Second Live is that we can explore various cultures of Alternative lifestyles and make our fantasies come into being with a lot of the magnificent creations in a 3D world. One piece of land I came across was the DS Clan Kingdom, with a build that very is set into the Goth theme.

After deciding that I really liked the quality of builds, I decided to take out camera again, much to the dismay of most of my friends and decided to start shooting. After taking a few test shots, I got an IM by nadilla Foxtrot, (pictured above) who was very friendly and helpful by showing me the place around, and was a very gracious hostess.

The place that nadilla showed me was the castle. She also let me know that there is plenty of more work to be done on the land. If have ever owned a sim or a large plot of land, the work is always constant and non stop. However there are a lot of great places to see and a lot has been done here to keep things moving.

She showed me the Throne Room. It is very unique in its setting and I liked the style and some of the modifications that were done. There are other rooms in the castle, and a place for you to sit back, relax and have a nice quiet conversation with someone in IM without having anyone disturbing you.
I had decided that this would also be a good spot to show the Jaguar outfit, showing its wonderful features.

I like the way texture seems to reflect the light here, especially with the way that I move. This outfit, perhaps the way it is designed also can show who I am. It brings out a sense of pride and able to express who I am today here in Second Life. In real life, we sometimes hide.  In Second Life though, we certainly can use fashion to express who we are by the clothes we wear and in most cases can find friends who are the same and very supportive.

I also like the detail of the straps around the right leg of this particular outfit. It adds to its appeal and just puts enough of that detailed touch to the pants. It is done tastefully and certainly not over done by any means. The main thing that had caught my eye when I had first worn this outfit was the long coat. The skirt portion reflects the light, adding to its attraction and ambiance. This is one outfit that is worth the price and getting for that nice Goth casual situation.

Right next door to the castle, there is the church. Now if you ever find yourself in a situation that you were drunk that one night and offered your partner that engagement ring, or are convinced, manipulated or blackmailed into marrying your Second Life partner and would like a Goth wedding, this is a great place for that. Of course, the other reason why you just might ask her to marry you is for that “L” word, something that every woman thinks us men have a problem using. There is a priest around the sim that is willing to perform the ceremony for you, and its small and making it personal. Just let nadilla know and she would be very happy to set schedule your event.

Of course, its just a great place to meditate too.

While standing in front of the church, it’s not hard to notice the detail work done with the collar, with the AVid log on it. Small things like that can make an outfit look great for men. The other great idea too is the prim collar, upturned and gives it a very realistic feel. I feel comfortable in saying this is one outfit I have liked and loved for years, and it never gets old on me, no matter how common it is.

Of course, afterwards, they have a very nice outdoor well themed ball room for your after party as well. The scenery fits in well here and creativity was excellent here too. Over time, I am quite sure they will be hosting events here, mostly during the European time zones but who knows. That is something I have been surprised at before.

With a great crowd of people, and just needing a place to hang out, the DS Clan Kingdom is a very nice place to go, especially with the Jaguar from AVid. With those two in combination, its a place that will make your night very pleasant one with nice people and new friends to make from all over the world. It’s a combination that you cannot go wrong with at all. On one final note, I have to leave one more picture of nadilla. Don’t forget to say Hello to her or Costanza, as both will make you feel very welcome indeed.

Place: DS Clan Kingdom

Clothing: AVid -Jaguar

Shoes: Hoorenbeek-Cowboy Boots

Poses: Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot

Models: Magnus Stovall and nadilla Foxtrot

Photographer: Magnus Stovall


3 Responses to “Alternative Lifestyles, Alternative Places and Alternative Fashions”

  1. This is a great post and may be one that is followed up to see what the results are

    A partner e-mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately anticipating your next piece of writing. Keep on on the extraordinary work.

  2. Very beautiful place *_* I highly recommend to visit !!

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