Alternative Lifestyles, Alternative Places and Alternative Fashions

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Now, the question is, you teleport into a place like this:

What are you going to wear?

My advice is a quite a common, but very well liked Goth leather outfit called Jaguar designed by AVid, but the quality of work is excellent and detail is great, and certainly puts me in my Goth mindset. (Tombstone not included, and yes people…its the 10 of September, 2010 and I am still alive.)

The leather work on this outfit is astounding, and I love the detail with the buckles on the shirt and the jacket that is unzipped.

I am always on the lookout for places that have great builds, even if they are prefabs. It’s a great way to figure out where and what I want to shoot and post next here, and it’s a really nice way to meet new people and make new friends in Second Life.

One of the great things about Second Live is that we can explore various cultures of Alternative lifestyles and make our fantasies come into being with a lot of the magnificent creations in a 3D world. One piece of land I came across was the DS Clan Kingdom, with a build that very is set into the Goth theme.

After deciding that I really liked the quality of builds, I decided to take out camera again, much to the dismay of most of my friends and decided to start shooting. After taking a few test shots, I got an IM by nadilla Foxtrot, (pictured above) who was very friendly and helpful by showing me the place around, and was a very gracious hostess.

The place that nadilla showed me was the castle. She also let me know that there is plenty of more work to be done on the land. If have ever owned a sim or a large plot of land, the work is always constant and non stop. However there are a lot of great places to see and a lot has been done here to keep things moving.

She showed me the Throne Room. It is very unique in its setting and I liked the style and some of the modifications that were done. There are other rooms in the castle, and a place for you to sit back, relax and have a nice quiet conversation with someone in IM without having anyone disturbing you.
I had decided that this would also be a good spot to show the Jaguar outfit, showing its wonderful features.

I like the way texture seems to reflect the light here, especially with the way that I move. This outfit, perhaps the way it is designed also can show who I am. It brings out a sense of pride and able to express who I am today here in Second Life. In real life, we sometimes hide.  In Second Life though, we certainly can use fashion to express who we are by the clothes we wear and in most cases can find friends who are the same and very supportive.

I also like the detail of the straps around the right leg of this particular outfit. It adds to its appeal and just puts enough of that detailed touch to the pants. It is done tastefully and certainly not over done by any means. The main thing that had caught my eye when I had first worn this outfit was the long coat. The skirt portion reflects the light, adding to its attraction and ambiance. This is one outfit that is worth the price and getting for that nice Goth casual situation.

Right next door to the castle, there is the church. Now if you ever find yourself in a situation that you were drunk that one night and offered your partner that engagement ring, or are convinced, manipulated or blackmailed into marrying your Second Life partner and would like a Goth wedding, this is a great place for that. Of course, the other reason why you just might ask her to marry you is for that “L” word, something that every woman thinks us men have a problem using. There is a priest around the sim that is willing to perform the ceremony for you, and its small and making it personal. Just let nadilla know and she would be very happy to set schedule your event.

Of course, its just a great place to meditate too.

While standing in front of the church, it’s not hard to notice the detail work done with the collar, with the AVid log on it. Small things like that can make an outfit look great for men. The other great idea too is the prim collar, upturned and gives it a very realistic feel. I feel comfortable in saying this is one outfit I have liked and loved for years, and it never gets old on me, no matter how common it is.

Of course, afterwards, they have a very nice outdoor well themed ball room for your after party as well. The scenery fits in well here and creativity was excellent here too. Over time, I am quite sure they will be hosting events here, mostly during the European time zones but who knows. That is something I have been surprised at before.

With a great crowd of people, and just needing a place to hang out, the DS Clan Kingdom is a very nice place to go, especially with the Jaguar from AVid. With those two in combination, its a place that will make your night very pleasant one with nice people and new friends to make from all over the world. It’s a combination that you cannot go wrong with at all. On one final note, I have to leave one more picture of nadilla. Don’t forget to say Hello to her or Costanza, as both will make you feel very welcome indeed.

Place: DS Clan Kingdom

Clothing: AVid -Jaguar

Shoes: Hoorenbeek-Cowboy Boots

Poses: Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot

Models: Magnus Stovall and nadilla Foxtrot

Photographer: Magnus Stovall


A great simple tuxedo that goes well with a great looking place.

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I had found this great looking build. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the build and it’s function, which is a center for the performing arts.

Welcome to the Rose Theatre. It’s purpose, from what I could gather is to promote the performing arts and there is one major build and a smaller build to go with it. The textures on the inside are very enriched and of high quality.

Walking into the lobby, one can see the time and care that was put into this build. Nothing seemed to be rushed, which gives it a very relaxing ambiance and nice place to relax. The gold textures give you a feeling of warmth and class that one deserves. There is dancing and every Sunday night at 7:00 PM SLT, you can attend their dance at the conservatory at the build, or just come dance to the stream when ever you wish.

Now a place like this requires formal attire, and again where can a man find this that is of good quality and again, something that is not going to effect the pocketbook that much. One of the best places I have found is Blaze. It’s also good for newbies to because most of their tuxedos are textures and there is very little if any adjusting to do at all.

Blaze is one of the oldest quality fashion designers around, and even though I am sure some might disagree with me on this, one of the ventures to explore the formal high-end fashion markets in SL. All of their designs are neat, simple and elegant with very clean lines and very detailed. Even the ties to the suit give that “just right” of silk look that will make anyone’s avatar look formal and have class without over doing it.

I just love the way the tie has its dimple in the perfect spot. Hmmm, maybe I should ask her to give me lessons on how to tie one, but I think Wicca would mind very much, so best I do not venture there. Now that there is more to explore, lets move on elsewhere on the grounds before I really find myself in trouble here.

One of the things about Blaze is you can get inexpensive add ons, since one cannot really call it accessories. You can get different color shirts (I chose just to get the white ones) with several different colors of vests and ties. The great thing is they match their Women lines in color to their formal wear, which, even me being a guy and hate to admit it…is nice. Here I am wearing the peach, since it went so well with the sundown while taking a stroll in the garden during intermission.

This is a wonderful outfit for both new and old alike. For the newbies, there is no adjusting and it still attracts the wonderful ladies and makes you look good. For us old folks, its something quick and easy if we need to change in a rush and guarantee that everything will end up in the right place, thus saving us a lot of time.

Location: Rose Theatre

Tuxedo: Blaze -Regal Tuxedo

Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Allen

Poses: Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot-Magician Series

Model: Magnus Stovall

Photographer: Magnus Stovall

Presenting the Romance series from Body Talking

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One of my sponsors, Body Talking has a series of nice poses out. Arisia Ashmoot is a very good animator when it comes to poses.

Poses can be used for some great wonderful things in SL. Models use them to keep their avatars from moving during photo shoots and shows. You can use poses and pose cubes/balls that have certain animations in them to do certain things. Arisia has plenty of these, and yes she actually very good ones for men!

Stop by Body Talking today, and take a look around. It always helps when your trying to take pics of yourself or others to have a variety of poses stashed in that ever growing inventory.

Poses:Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot

Photographer:Wicca Merlin

Models:Wicca Merlin and Magnus Stovall

A good place to start…

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So, you took the plunge in deciding to join Secondlife, and suddenly your overwhelmed. After learning what is a shape is and then your SL girlfriend all of sudden tells you “We need to get you a skin” and your thinking to yourself ‘What the hell is a #@$% skin?’

Chances are, your new-found partner (and trust me if you don’t have one, you will find one very fast) will probably live in another time zone, and you begin to wonder to what do next. Chances are she is offline and you probably won’t have many lindens to spend. Now with this new body and skin, the thought comes to your mind on where can you get some clothing that won’t rack up the credit card bills or drain you on lindens.

There is one store that comes to the rescue, and that is Karma. They have good clothing for a good price and the other key word here, is quality.  Here I have one of their complete outfits (sorry guys, but in Secondlife, an outfit a complete set of clothes that you buy, we refer to them as inworld as well.)

The textures look great, especially with the tight fitting ribbed t-shirt.  Shading on the material is awesome with the dark and light shading giving it a great look.  The jeans seem to have that correct faded look, with coloring that is not too dark or too light. The details of the wrinkles are excellent if you look close up at them. One of my favorite things that I have noticed compared to a lot of other Men’s pants are the back pockets. Those are set to scale, not being too large or too small. All these are nice key features and something that you certainly want to look for in clothing, especially for men to give you that great look for all the ladies out there.

The great thing about casual clothing is, you can go just about anywhere feeling comfortable for a walk around the town for those nice hot summer nights, or if you just like to show off. (But the great thing is about Secondlife is, weather is never an issue.)

For those chilly evenings, there is always the dark brown leather jacket. Sebastien Breen seems to have a flair to get the right shadings on the texture, and it almost feels as if you are wearing a leather jacket in real life. The shadings blend together in a soft way, the seams are in the right places and the attention again to the detail is immaculate.

Clothing: Karma Clothes for Men

Outfit Name: Veste

Shoes: Horeenbeek Male Clothing & Accessories

Shoe Name: Karsen Boots

Poses: Body Talking designed and created by Arisia Ashmoot-Trouble Set

Model: Magnus Stovall

Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Welcome to the Secondlife Men’s Quarter

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(Photography done by Wicca Merlin)

On June 4th, 2006 my life had changed by coming into Secondlife. I could not believe the opportunities that it had to offer, and the whole network that was already beginning to form. Even though I had not done much on the grid, it came at the right time at the right place for me.

In real life,  my friends and most of my family have moved. I found a world of people who I have become very good friends with, and we all laugh together, cry together and support one another. It has definitely been a growing experience beyond my wildest dreams. And yes, you can experience your wildest dreams as well in Secondlife.

 Despite all of its benefits, I had noticed one major aspect about Secondlife that seemed to be missing. The women seemed to have all the hot clothes, with style and with pizzazz, and us guys, well it was pick of the draw. There were not enough stores to get men’s clothing, and good Gawd, the time wasted just looking for them was a chore in of itself that was enough to drive me crazy.

Today, we have more choices given to us as far as the men’s world. Good quality men’s clothing in Secondlife is still hard to find, but it is a lot better than before.  Even though today, I still get IMs from people asking me “Where did you get that outfit?” as if they don’t have a clue on where to go.  After making some contacts in the fashion world,  it was suggested to me that perhaps, I should make a blog as a guide for men’s clothing. However this will not only be a men’s fashion magazine, but also, places to explore around in Secondlife to help you get the best experience from it.  There are various wonderful things do in this wonderful virtual world. New friends and contacts to be made from all over the world and a whole place to learn, grow and gain confidence within oneself and even for a suggestion on how to make some lindens.

I hope you all enjoy this blog, and that it will be helpful to new and old alike, and welcome Secondlife Men’s Quarter!

If you are a virtual world fashion designer in Second Life, and would like me to blog an outfit, please contact me at

If you have a place that you want me to blog, please contact me at as well.